We make your business more efficient, productive and secure.

Custom IT Solutions

We offer a full range of IT products and services to support small and medium sized businesses including training, consulting and implementation.

Data and Voice Cabling

Wi-Fi is more convenient than wired Ethernet cables, but Ethernet still offers significant advantages.

When you need the faster speeds and reliability associated with 100% connection to the other computers in your office, a wired network is the answer.

What makes one installation of Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a or Cat7 different from another?

The difference is not only in the quality of and category or the wire, keystone jacks, wall plates and Patch Panel that you use, but also in your cable installers themselves.

Infrastructure Development

Certain types of hardware can streamline many of your daily business management and administrative tasks and help you stay organized as you get your business going.

Knowing what types of tools and equipment to invest in will help you save money and maximize your startup budget. We have an extensive range of hardware from leading suppliers.

Our range of the latest, quality hardware devices are designed specifically for business environments, delivering quick set-up time, easy management and all backed up by our support services.


Cloud Service

The difference between cloud and hosted services is the location of the servers running the service. Cloud systems can be at the vendor’s physical location or can be hosted on the cloud.

Cloud services when compared to traditional hosted services differ in the scalability of solutions while remaining relatively affordable.

We specialize in delivering Cloud migration projects, successfully guiding businesses through the process of hybrid systems or switching from on premise IT Systems to Virtualized Private or Dedicated Cloud-based Servers.

G-Suite & Office 365

Our Cloud Experts will accompany your organization in every step of your Google G Suite or Office 365 project, from the get-go to the transformative labs.

Our team of certified deployment specialists will make sure your transition to the Cloud is smooth and seamless.

We’ve helped countless organizations make the transition to Google G Suite or Office 365.

Cloud Service

We provide a comprehensive range of Cyber Security Services to local organizations that are looking to protect their Business Critical Data and enhance their Business Continuity strategy by investing in the Latest Cyber Security solutions.

Anti-virus Malware Protection

Protect Your Company with End-Point Anti-virus and Malware Protection.

We provide the latest on premise and Cloud-based end-point security solutions that will protect all of the devices on your network from the latest Virus, Malware and Zero-day threats.

Backup Solution

Avoid Losing Information with a Backup Solution. Data backup is essential to protect important information for every organization.

If you're operating without a comprehensive strategy for protecting crucial data, you could be putting your company at risk.

Simple but Effective

A great technology infrastructure is both an art and a science.


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