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8 gifts for space lovers and amateur astronomers including telescopes, augmented reality lunar experiences, and more

From a portable telescope and celestial charts to ballpoint pens designed for zero gravity, here are eight stellar gifts for space lovers and amateur astronomers.

Selecting the perfect gift for someone can be a challenging undertaking. In this curated guide, we’ve compiled a selection of gift ideas for space enthusiasts. From top-notch telescopes to Martian themed LEGO sets, here are eight of our favorite gifts for space lovers and astronomy enthusiasts.


Image: Amazon

A telescope is virtually an essential for amateur astronomers and the Celestron AstroMaster 70AZ is a solid option. The 70-millimeter refractor telescope offers skywatchers views of the moon and even distant objects including Saturn’s stunning rings as well as Jovian moons, per the manufacturer. The model also comes with a two-year warranty.

$150 at Amazon


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This star chart helps space enthusiasts of all ages locate constellations and other celestial bodies. The chart also includes information related to solar and lunar eclipses as well as the Earth’s revolution around the sun. Vintage styling adds a welcome aesthetic touch to the no-frills minimalist design and a pair of wooden rods frame the unit at the top and bottom.

$25 at Amazon


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Once paired with the AstroReality app, the moon globe offers a unique augmented reality (AR) experience. This allows users to scan the moon and peruse information and videos related to previous moon missions and lunar features.

$220 at Amazon


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The timeless LEGO set is a classic holiday gift idea for children and adults alike. This Mars themed exploration LEGO set includes a pair of human explorers, a space shuttle vehicle, a rover, and more. The set includes 273 pieces in total and the manufacturer recommends the product for children 5 and older.

$32 at Amazon


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The Alpha Industries MA-1 flight jacket is a fashion-focused gift for space lovers. The design features the classic NASA “meatball” logo, US flag, and a patch honoring the 100th Space Shuttle Mission. The jacket is also water repellant and reversible for added versatility and functionality.

$165 at Amazon


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The Fisher Space pen is a great gift for space enthusiasts with a little NASA history to boot. Paul C. Fisher originally designed the ballpoint pen with a pressurized ink cartridge to function in zero gravity, and other extreme environments. After testing the pen, Apollo 7 astronauts were equipped with the Fisher Space Pen, and, in the ensuing years, NASA and the Soviet Union would both use the Fisher Space Pen on crewed missions, per NASA.

$68 at Walmart


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This calendar details the phases of the moon for each day of 2021 and the pages glow in the dark for added aesthetic appeal. The photo paired with each month illustrates stunning views of the moon with lunar facts detailed at the bottom of each calendar page.

$15 at Amazon


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Playing cards are a great item to pack on a day trip or casual weekend afternoon. These Mars-themed playing cards offer a cosmic twist on a standard 52-card deck. The cards feature NASA photography and include images of multiple Martian rovers and more. The deck comes in a tin case for convenient stowing between use.

$13 at Amazon


Image: The Space Shop

Legitimate space food is a great way to give space enthusiasts a literal taste of the final frontier. Fortunately, the Kennedy Space Center offers a wide range of freeze-dried “space food” options. This includes mint chocolate chip, Neapolitan, and vanilla ice cream sandwiches as well as strawberry and apple slices.

$5 at The Space Shop