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8 must-have e-commerce tools for boosting revenues in 2021

Increasing revenues have never been more on the minds of business leaders. These e-commerce tools can help develop an online retail presence and boost revenue to improve your company’s 2021 outlook.

After a difficult 2020 for most businesses worldwide, many companies are looking for ways to improve performance and increase revenues—and that means shifting to e-commerce or improving e-commerce capabilities. Due to a surge in online shopping activity during the COVID-19 outbreak in the US and Canada, B2C e-commerce sales in both countries are projected to see major growth, according to projections in a recent report. 

This is good and bad news. For companies just establishing an e-commerce presence, it creates a need to get up and running fast. For those already there, it means finding ways to compete and boost revenue. These eight e-commerce tools can help businesses build their online presence, design and market their products, and secure the shopping experience for customers, all while boosting their revenues.


Image: Dialogue

Dialogue is an e-commerce personalization platform that automatically generates messages and product recommendations based on the customers’ unique website journey. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to continuously improve the recommendations and selling text to convert shoppers into customers. Dialogue works in real time to improve conversion rates and requires no past data.

Key features:

  • Provides automatically generated content
  • Analyzes all user activities and makes product recommendations
  • Uplifts the average revenue per user
  • Predicts each user’s intent through their online journey

Contact Dialogue for pricing or to arrange a demo.



Image: Boosted

Boosted is a video maker app for web, iOS, and Android that makes it very easy for e-commerce merchants to create clips for social media ads. It offers high-quality, designed templates created by skilled designers. Boosted’s editor makes it easy to adjust textual elements, supplement stock footage with uploaded clips, change music and color scheme with just a few minutes of work. It’s especially useful for companies just getting started on new social networks like TikTok or looking to scale up on video ads for established channels like Facebook and Instagram without increasing time investment incrementally.

Key features:

  • Video creation using templates or your own clips
  • Customize duration, color schemes, fonts, and soundtracks
  • Compatible with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube

Boosted offers a free plan, a yearly plan at $5/month, and a monthly plan at $14.90/month.



Image: Hotjar

Hotjar helps businesses identify and understand what visitors are really doing on their sites using behavior visualization. As each visitor clicks, taps, and scrolls, their action heatmaps provide insight into motivations and interests.

Key features:

  • Visitor recordings identify usability and issues visitors might encounter
  • Surveys with customizable behavior triggers to get a deeper understanding of visitor actions
  • Instant visual feedback from visitors can identify issues and find opportunities for growth

Hotjar offers two personal, business, and agency pricing plans. There’s a free and basic personal plan starting at $39/month and an option for a free trial.



Image: Namogoo

Namogoo Customer Hijacking Prevention helps companies prevent customer online journey hijacking and win back stolen revenue for some of the world’s top enterprises. It identifies and blocks unauthorized ads that may divert customers to competitor sites, reduce conversion rates, and damage your brand. The end result is being able to keep customers focused on buying your products.

Key features:

  • Customer hijacking prevention  
  • Predictive incentives analyzes web sessions to predict the customer’s price sensitivity and purchase propensity to offer real-time, intent-based promotions.
  • Maximizes return on your incentives budget by avoiding redundant incentives and gives you full control over the look and feel of your promotions without needing a designer or a developer

Contact Namagoo for pricing or to arrange a demo.



Image: Hello Bar

Hello Bar helps e-commerce and other companies capture leads, grow their email list, and convert web traffic to sales. Companies can use Hello Bar to create pop-ups on their websites that are triggered by specific visitor-based actions. Desktop push notifications can also be sent to visitors when new content is published.

Key features:

  • Multiple professionally designed niche-based templates 
  • Pop-ups, sticky bars, and calls to action  
  • Integrates with Mailchimp, Segment, Campaign Monitor, and others
  • A/B testing  

HelloBar offers four monthly plans. A free plan, Growth at $29/month, Premium at $49/month, and Elite at $99/month. Reduced pricing is available if paid annually.

Hello Bar


Image: Oberlo

Oberlo provides drop-ship retailers with products. Its extensive inventory of products makes it easy for e-commerce stores to sell to customers without having to warehouse products or handle shipping. Customers order from online stores and only pay Oberlo once items have shipped. 

Key features:

  • Works with Shopify stores
  • Fully equipped online store with automatic order fulfillment
  • Automatically set markups on pricing
  • SME and Enterprise platforms
  • Inventory and sales reports

Oberlo offers a free starter plan. Prices don’t include your Shopify subscription costs, ranging from $29 per month to $299+ per month. It also has a Pro Plan at $79.90/ month.



Image: 3DCart

3DCart is a powerful, secure all-in-one e-commerce website builder that helps companies grow traffic and sales. Customers have full access to the HTML and CSS and a network of web design experts and other professionals. There are dozens of free mobile-ready professionally designed themes.

Key features:

  • Website builder for a wide range of website niches for simplified selling
  • A complete set of tools for order and product management
  • Flexible marketing and SEO tools for creating effective interest and conversion strategies
  • m-commerce for mobile device compatibility

3DCart has four plans, Startup Store at $9.50/month, Basic at $14.50/month, Plus at $39.50/month, Power at $64.50/month, and Pro at $114.50/month. 



Image: Verto

Verto is an advanced AI tool that gives businesses the power to create 3D renders for e-commerce without extensive equipment and hiring professional services. Customers can capture images of products using mobile devices, upload them to Verto, and get an embeddable 3D model of the item. Realistic models deliver real business impact and higher revenues.

Key features:

  • Interactive 3D views will help increase consumer confidence
  • Low automatic modeling process costs without the need for special expertise
  • Lifelike 3D models ensure customers receive what they see and expect

Verto offers four pricing plans based on 360 videos, pictures on humans, print packshots, and web packshots. Bulk pricing is also available. Contact Verto for details.