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8 outdoor gift ideas for adventurers and glampers alike

Tiki torch-inspired Bluetooth speakers, portable solar panels, and a 21st-century firepit top our list of cool gifts for outdoor enthusiasts and adventures.

Short day trips and extended camping adventures are great ways to enjoy the outdoors and there are plenty of accessories to enhance the experience. Whether it’s a backcountry camping trip, a strenuous hike, or a plush glamping setup, there are plenty of tech gadgets and essential items to tow along. From an all-in-one water purification system to solar panels and 300-lumen headlamps, here are eight outdoor gift ideas for adventures and explorers.


Image: GRAYL

On extended adventures, explorers must either tow all of their water or boil water from local sources. Unfortunately, building a fire and boiling water can be both time- and labor-intensive. The GEOPRESS water purifier uses purifying media and activated carbon to filter chemicals, pathogens, and more from drinking water.

$90 at Grayl


Image: BioLite

A campfire is virtually synonymous with an evening in the great outdoors. However, not all camping sites provide a dedicated fire pit for cooking or warmth on cooler nights. The BioLite FirePit is a highly portable solution with a total weight of just 19.8 pounds.

The mesh exterior allows the heat and light to escape from the front and back providing warmth and illumination around the campsite. A device attached to the side controls the airflow and campers can remotely control this Bluetooth-enabled device via the BioLite Energy App.

$250 at Amazon


Image: Sharper Image

A Bluetooth speaker is a popular accessory for weekend outings. This Tiki torch-inspired pair from Sharper Image add a little light while playing one’s latest favorite mixtape. The dual-sync feature allows a single phone to connect to both speakers concurrently. The unit recharges via USB and the manufacturer estimates the unit is capable of six hours of play per charge.

$80 at Sharper Image


Image: Uncharted Supply Co.

An unforeseen accident can strike on the trail, at the campsite, or en route to that next adventure. This backpack functions as an all-in-one survival kit packaged in a waterproof outer shell. Inside, the unit stows a number of emergency accessories including first aid essentials, a water filtration system, 3-in-1 radio, a fire starter kit, a space blanket, and more.

$350 at Uncharted Supply Co.


Image: Amazon

The Goal Zero Torch 250 flashlight functions as a backcountry multitool. The unit features multiple recharging options including an internal battery, a solar panel, and a hand-crank for manual refreshes between outlets. Aside from the front-facing flashlight, this model also includes a series of lights along the bottom, enabling the Torch 250 to double as a lantern. The unit is also capable of recharging two phones via the built-in USB outlet and side-mounted USB cable.

$70 at REI


Image: Amazon

Setting up camp or finishing a hike after sunset can present a host of challenges. A light source is virtually a must on most overnight outdoor trips. Opposed to traditional flashlights, headlamps enable hands-free operation, allowing campers to pitch a tent, cook a meal, and more without the need to physically hold a light source or keep a lantern nearby.

$30 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

The camping hammock is a relaxing campsite accessory for those seeking a little leisure on a weekend outing. The unit comes with all straps and carabiners needed for setup and the package also includes a travel bag for all-in-one transport. This Wise Owl Outfitters hammock is available in a one-person or two-person model.

$29 at Amazon