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Best Android holiday gifts in 2020

If you’re looking for a unique or exciting Android present this holiday season, look no further than this gift guide, which includes stocking stuffers and bigger ticket tech gadgets.

Ladies and gentlemen of the TechRepublic universe, it’s that time again–holiday shopping season. This Android gift guide can help you shop for those you love, cherish, and tolerate throughout the year. From stocking stuffers to big gift ideas, you should be able to find something for all of the Android fans on your list. If you don’t find anything on this list, consider a Google Play gift card for those on your list who prefer to select their own gifts.


Google Pixel 5

Image: Google

If you’re looking to up your gift game for an Android fan, why not go all the way and get them the latest Pixel phone? Although you might find a device with a faster processor, you won’t find a better option running Android 11 on the market. With the best camera available, the Google Pixel 5 is a surefire win. The Pixel 5 is 5G ready, includes 8 GB of RAM and 164 GB of internal storage, has a 6.0″ Full HD+ OLED Smooth Display, and a massive 4080 mAh battery. 

$699 at Google


SIIG 10-port charging station

Image: SIIG

The SIIG 10-Port Charging Station is one of the best you’ll find. With 10 USB ports and Qi wireless charging, this little gem can charge all of your devices at once, in a convenient, well-designed location. The SIIG offers 2.4A (max) power output supplied per port for rapid charging of compatible USB powered devices.

$70 at Amazon


Cabepow 3A fast-charging braided cable

Image: Cabepow

Frayed cables are not only incapable of charging correctly, they can damage devices and even become a fire hazard. To avoid that, try employing braided cables which are far less likely to split and fray at their weak points. One very inexpensive offering is the Cabepow 3A fast-charging braided cable, which has USB 2.0 fast charging and data transfer, USB-C cable transfer speed up to 480Mb/s, and has been tested at over 10,000 repeated inserts without fail.   

$14 at Amazon


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Image: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is, by far, the best of breed for looks, ease of use, and an OS that is as reliable as you’ll find for your wrist. It’s not perfect (the calorie counts are suspect, and you’ll be recharging the device after two to three days of usage), but it’s far and away better than the competition. You can read your Android notifications, answer calls, add widgets, and more, and it’ll work with just about any Android phone. 

$249 at Samsung


Razer Kishi mobile gamepad

Image: Razer

If your Android fan is a serious gamer, you might want to consider a gift of the Razer Kishi mobile gamepad. Turn their mobile device into a universal gaming controller that can help take their playing to the next level. This controller offers a universal fit and includes tactile feedback, analog thumbsticks, function buttons, 8-way D pad, speaker ports, face buttons, status indicator, triggers, bumpers, and more. Serious gamers will enjoy ultra low latency because it connects directly to your phone’s charging port.

$80 at Razer


HD Mask USB spy cam

Image: HD Mask

This HD Mask spy cam looks like a regular USB charging block, but inside is an HD spy cam. Plug your Android device in and the camera will start taking live footage of everything within its field of vision. You can use Android to stream directly to the connected app to record 1080p HD video. The device can also be configured to only record when it senses motion and you can even share the live feed with others.

$100 at HD Mask


MOFT X phone stand

Image: MOFT

In this age of Zoom and Hangout video conferencing, many people are trying to find ways to prop up their phones so they can attend these meetings “hands free.” The MOFT X phone stand is an inexpensive solution that makes it easy to stand up a phone to attend those video calls. The one caveat to the MOFT X phone stand is that it does adhere to the device–it isn’t free-standing, so those users who don’t like to attach things to their phones might not be interested. The MOFT X phone stand comes in a variety of colors including: Space grey, navy blue, midnight green, leather brown, fresh orange, or ocean blue (night black is currently sold out).

$20 at MOFT


TINYSCOPE mobile microscope


This is one of those devices you might not ever need, but on the occasion when you do need it, you’ll be glad you have it. This particular mobile microscope can handle 20 to 400x magnification and doesn’t require cables, cords, or batteries. Simply attach it to your Android phone and marvel at the ability to zoom in on objects. Once you have an object in focus, snap a picture and you can view and share the images. This tool would be great for admins who have to view tiny serial numbers and other very small objects.

$29 at Amazon


Prima projector

Image: Prima

If your Android fan needs to project whatever is on their phone onto a larger screen, the Prima projector might be the perfect gift. The Prima projector can cast 200-inch projections, with four times the brightness, from your Android device. It also includes its own Android-powered processor so you can download apps and stream directly from the Prima projector. With built-in speakers, a battery that can project three hours of video playback, and automatic keystone angle adjustment, you won’t need to attach anything else to enjoy the show.

$399 at Prima Projector