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Best webcam stands for online learning, remote work, and more

Webcam stands are a great way to add some maneuverability to standard video conferencing. That said, here are 5 of the best webcam stands for virtual collaboration.


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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, schools, universities, and businesses around the globe have transitioned online. To help with the adjustment to the virtual workspace, people have been tasked with creating a dedicated workspace at the home on short notice. This has involved incorporating a series of technology solutions to enhance remote collaboration and dedicated webcams are a popular accessory. While a basic webcam attachment may suffice from some, other people may prefer a dedicated adjustable webcam stand or mount for added maneuverability. Without further ado, we’ve curated this list featuring some of the best webcam stands available right now.

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The Pipishell 15 Inch webcam stand features a flexible stem enabling precise placement during video calls. This versatility is ideal for those who need to routinely reposition their webcam throughout the day. For added versatility, this webcam stand comes with an adjustable corkscrew clamp enabling users to firmly attach the device to a host of workspace surfaces. With a one-quarter inch screw thread, the mount functions with many popular webcam makes and models.


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Finding optimal lighting indoors can be challenging. Fortunately, the Samiadat webcam light stand features not only an adjustable webcam mount but also a second adjustable arm with a ring light attachment. It’s possible to adjust the color and brightness of lighting using a control hub placed along the power cable. If lighting is an issue in your workspace, this model is certainly worth a look. 

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The Pipishell webcam stand with an adjustable scissor arm is a solid option with adjustability in mind. While a standard tripod mount may be adequate for some people, others may require a webcam capable of multiple viewing angles and positions. These angular adjustments can be helpful during presentations or if individuals need to depict a wider field of view. The one-quarter inch screw along the mount is compatible with a host of webcam makes; especially Logitech webcams.


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The Acetaken overhead webcam stand is a great option for remote students in particular. This model uses an extendable central arm to offer overhead views of a workspace. This is an ideal viewing angle for students who need to show work or display their hands-on desktop activities during the virtual school day. The arm is extendable and features a swivel ball mount along the base for further agility. A one-quarter inch screw on the mount offers compatibility with a host of webcam models.

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The Acetaken webcam wall mount is a great option for those who prefer to keep the workspace orderly and uncluttered. Rather than taking up invaluable desktop space with a webcam mount, this device allows people to conveniently situate the apparatus along an adjacent wall. With a series of adjustable joints along the arm itself, this model is capable of numerous positions and viewing angles. Like other models on this list, this mount touts a one-quarter inch screw for webcam pairing.


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The InnoGear webcam stand features a compact weighted base for optimal placement and portability. Some telecommuters and remote students prefer to work in different rooms throughout the day. Rather than unscrewing or reclamping a model with each change of scenery, this InnoGear model can be easily repositioned around the home. The head of the mount rotates 360-degrees and tilts up to 140-degrees for optimal viewing. The three-eights to one-quarter screw offers compatibility with a wide range of webcam models.

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