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Black Friday 2020: 10 smartphone deals you don’t want to miss

If you’re looking for a smartphone upgrade this holiday season, these 10 devices can up your mobile game without breaking the bank–as long as you shop these Black Friday deals quickly.

As 2020 draws to an end and holiday shopping begins, it’s important to think about the theme of the year, COVID-19, before going to the mall to buy gifts. There’s a good chance we’ll be doing a lot of our holiday gifts shopping online this year, which can make hunting for a good bargain hard to do: There are a lot of items for sale this Black Friday on Amazon and other e-commerce sites, and scrolling through all those devices to find great deals can be tough! 

These 10 smartphones are all on sale for Black Friday, and each offers something that makes it a great deal for the price. Please note that all phones in this article are being sold unlocked; prices, rebate offers, and carrier dealers will make the price vary, so be sure to consult your service provider before buying—they may have an exclusive deal for you that beats one of these. Prices for these smartphone deals apply to the entry-level models. Additional storage capacity, different colors, and other customization options may change the price or may not be part of the offer.


Motorola Razr 5G

Image: Amazon

Folding smartphones have been a big deal this year, and the Motorola Razr is one that has generated a lot of interest. Designed to look like the original clamshell Motorola Razr that was ubiquitous in the aughts, this new version has 5G and a folding screen, and a small screen on the front for replying to messages, skipping songs, getting directions, and more.

$1,000 at Amazon


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Image: Best Buy

The latest and greatest of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones is the S20 generation, of which this phone is a top model. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has a 6.9″ screen, quad cameras, 5G, and an “all-day” battery that learns from how it’s used. 

$1,100 at Best Buy


iPhone SE package deal

Image: Best Buy

This package deal from Best Buy includes a second-generation iPhone SE, a Zagg InvisibleShield glass screen protector, and a three-month prepaid SIM card from Mint Mobile. The price is slightly higher than what you’d pay for just the iPhone SE, but those added items make this a good deal for someone looking for a budget iPhone.

$470 at Best Buy


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Image: Best Buy

Another of the folding smartphones that made headlines in 2020, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G is the second generation of Z Flips, and Samsung said it made a lot of user-suggested changes to this latest version, like a redesigned hinge and modified screen materials.

$1,200 at Best Buy


Microsoft Surface Duo

Image: Best Buy

The Microsoft Surface Duo is another folding phone, but with a difference: Instead of a single screen, it contains two separate ones. This could be a dealbreaker for those who want one continuous screen, but it does give the Surface Duo a unique look that, along with its form factor, makes it a standalone in the smartphone market.

$1,100 at Best Buy



Image: Amazon

You’d be forgiven for never having heard of this device—it’s from Chinese manufacturer TCL and isn’t exactly a flagship. What it is, however, is an Android phone with four camera lenses, a dirt cheap price, and reviews that make it sound like a phone that’s quite solid and overlooked, which makes for a great deal.

$175 at Amazon


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

Image: Best Buy

The Note 20 Ultra 5G is arguably the flagship of all the flagship-level phones that Samsung offers and for good reasons. 5G capabilities, a built-in stylus, wireless power sharing, and other top-of-the-line features make this deal on the Note 20 Ultra 5G one that’s hard to pass up if you’re on the fence about this phone. (This deal applies to the 128 GB model only.)

$1,000 at Best Buy


Google Pixel 5

Image: Amazon

Google’s first 5G smartphone has managed to make its way to the top of Amazon’s smartphone market, and as of publishing ranks #1 in the unlocked category. The Pixel 5 is as close to a stock Android device as is available, and that’s just one of the reasons people have been raving about this high-performing, yet budget priced, smartphone. This deal applies to the phone only (no case), but is available on both the Just Black and Sorta Sage models.

$649 at Amazon


OnePlus 8 Pro

Image: Amazon

If you’ve been interested in a OnePlus 8 Pro but weren’t sure you wanted to pay full price, now’s your chance to snap up an unlocked model to take with you to whichever provider you want. This deal applies to the 256 GB Pro model only.

$800 at Amazon


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Image: Best Buy

The Fan Edition of the Galaxy S20 has been confusing for some: It’s cheap, but it’s practically the same phone as the standard S20, with the same AMOLED screen, more battery than the standard S20, and fast charge features not included in other S20 models. Where the price drop comes from is the casing, storage, and other internals: It’s plastic instead of metal, has less RAM, less storage, and a slightly lower-grade processor. Despite these differences, the Galaxy S20 FE has been well received and is a great device for anyone wanting a premium experience for a cheaper price. (This deal applies to all four available colors.)

$500 at Best Buy