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Black Friday 2020: 10 smartwatch and fitness tracker deals

Whether you want a wrist-worn extension of your smartphone or a device made for fitness and the outdoors, these deals may be what you need to find the right gift for yourself or someone else.

With COVID-19 continuing to bear down on the world, this year’s holiday season is going to look pretty different than those of previous years. That includes holiday shopping that kicks off on Black Friday, which is likely to be more online than ever before due to fears of crowded public spaces.

If you’re considering a smartwatch or fitness tracker, either as a gift or just for yourself, you have a lot of options to choose from, but it can take some work to find the best deal. These 10 options are great choices for those looking for a new wearable device, whether it’s for fitness or as an extension to your smartphone. Note: The deals in this article are for specific models/colors and prices may change if different customization options are chosen.


Image: Best Buy

Samsung’s smartwatches are some of the most popular around, which makes sense considering Samsung is the most popular smartphone manufacturer on the planet, and pairing devices from the same manufacturer is always easier than syncing third-party devices.

The Galaxy Watch Active2 runs Samsung’s Tizen OS and has most of the fitness and watch-mirroring features you’d expect from a modern smartwatch. This deal only applies to the 40mm GPS version of the Active2 with the fluoroelastomer (synthetic rubber) band, but it is available in several colors for the same price.

$180 at Best Buy


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It’s possible to use a non-Apple smartwatch with an iPhone, but if you choose to do so you’re missing out on a lot of features that make the iPhone + Apple Watch an ideal combo. 

The Series 6, Apple’s latest smartwatch, can detect falls, has an ECG sensor, can read blood oxygen levels, and track a variety of different workout types. This deal applies to the 40mm Series 6 with GPS, but several colors are available at the same price.

$380 at Best Buy


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Getting the best smartwatch deal requires knowing what you want out of your device. In the case of the Apple Watch SE, you’re getting what is essentially a Series 6 without the blood oxygen or ECG sensors. Aside from those differences it’s essentially the same device.

If you’re more interested in the non-fitness aspects of the Apple Watch the SE is a good choice: It looks the same, but it’s way cheaper.

$260 at Best Buy


Image: Best Buy

One of the biggest drawbacks to most smartwatches is their less-than-stellar battery life, which is a particular problem if you want to use it for sleep tracking. Enter the Fitbit Charge 4: A basic device that can get up to a week of battery time between charges.

The Charge 4 has a heart rate monitor, can track workouts, and can sync with iOS and Android to put alerts on your wrist, so not only is it a cheap device, it can also do basic smartwatch stuff, too.

This deal applies to both colors of the Charge 4.

$100 at Best Buy


Image: Best Buy

If your primary reason for wanting a smartwatch is health monitoring, then the Fitbit Sense is what you’re looking for. The Sense is capable of measuring more aspects of health than any other device on this list, with sensors for heart rate, electrodermal activity (an indicator of stress), ECG, skin temperature, and sleep tracking. 

This deal applies to both colors of Fitbit Sense.

$280 at Best Buy


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Garmin’s smartwatches aren’t cheap, but they’re built with a specific purpose in mind: Taking a beating in the outdoors. The Fēnix 6X Pro Solar is no exception, but it makes up for its high price tag with some neat features, including a screen that doubles as a solar panel for charging itself. 

$850 at Best Buy


Image: Best Buy

Smartwatches often look like pieces of technology, and that’s not everyone’s aesthetic. Watch maker Fossil’s Gen 5 smartwatch is one that you might miss if you saw someone wearing it: It’s practically indistinguishable from an analog watch.

This deal applies to Gen 5’s with silicone, steel, and leather bands.

$180 at Best Buy


Image: Amazon

Finnish watch maker Suunto has its own smartwatch, the 9, which is described as being built for athletes, with modes for tracking more than 80 different types of workout. The Suunto 9 also has a barometer that can alert those in the outdoors to shifts in pressure that may indicate approaching storms. 

This deal only applies to the basic Suunto 9 in black.

$346 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

Diesel’s On Gen 5 is another smartwatch that tries to disguise itself as a traditional timepiece, and it does a pretty good job of keeping the appearance of a large, stainless steel men’s watch. 

The Diesel On Gen 5 has typical Android Wear OS smartwatch features, including multiple customizable power modes to help it get multiple days of wear on a single charge.

$310 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

If your smartwatch choice is all about style you can’t go wrong with the Armani Smartwatch 3. If any of the less-noticeable smartwatches in this list can pass as an analog watch it’s this one, which is remarkably thin for a smartwatch with a heart rate sensor and a multi-day battery life. 

Prices vary based on color and band design.

$263 at Amazon