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BlackBerry announces “industry first” AI-powered unified endpoint security platform

The new suite is composed of four products that cover endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, mobile threat defense, and user/entity behavior analytics.

Computer system protection, database security, safe internet. Lock symbol on abstract computer data background programming binary code, data protection technology. Vector illustration

Computer system protection, database security, safe internet. Lock symbol on abstract computer data background programming binary code, data protection technology. Vector illustration

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BlackBerry has announced a new cybersecurity product that it says is the industry’s first AI-powered unified endpoint security system. The company, which provides intelligent security software and services to enterprises and governments, said in a press release that the product called BlackBerry Cyber Suite delivers a zero-touch end user experience with “AI-based security capabilities and visibility across mobile, desktop, apps and people.” 

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BlackBerry Cyber Suite consists of four tools that BlackBerry said makes it a preventative security tool, rather than just a detect-and-respond one. “BlackBerry Cyber Suite extends BlackBerry AI leadership by learning from telemetry gathered across mobile, desktop, and server endpoints, and combining that with user behavior analytics for a truly unique and innovative offering,” the company said.

Of the four products included in BlackBerry Cyber Suite, two are existing security software that BlackBerry has added to the platform: BlackBerry Protect Desktop, its endpoint protection software, and BlackBerry Optics, its endpoint detection and response software.

The other two products are new, and were announced alongside the BlackBerry Cyber Suite.

BlackBerry Protect Mobile is a new mobile threat defense protection product that “extends the powerful AI-based security in BlackBerry Protect to mobile devices,” the company said. Protect Mobile does the typical things a mobile threat defense product does, like alert users to malicious URLs, spoof phishing websites, and other threats, and it does so using BlackBerry’s AI security software. 

Protect Mobile is designed to operate without human intervention, and detects malware at the device and application levels. “It identifies security vulnerabilities and potential malicious activities by monitoring system parameters, device configurations, and system libraries at the application level. It also identifies malware from sideloaded applications, and can ensure that applications are only sourced through secure repositories,” BlackBerry said.

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The fourth part of BlackBerry Cyber Suite, and the second new product, is BlackBerry Persona Desktop, a user and entity behavior analytics solution designed to address “previously unsolvable security challenges.”

Persona, BlackBerry says, is “the first cybersecurity solution to leverage biometric and behavior-based machine learning models to create a real-time trust score for laptop and desktop users.” It does this by actively monitoring users and flagging their actions when they appear suspicious. By doing so, Persona can protect against:

  • Stolen credentials: By monitoring user interactions, Persona determines a security risk threshold, and if a user exceeds that threshold Persona takes actions such as prompting for a second authentication factor and alerting IT. 

  • Insider threats: Persona continuously monitors user behavior for actions that seem malicious, and alerts administrators if users deviate from their usual behavior in a way that can be deemed threatening.

  • Physical compromises: Persona builds a library of typical biometric indicators, like keystroke characteristics and mouse habits, and can determine if the person using the machine isn’t the regular user. If it determines there is a threat, Persona can lock the system. 

All of Persona’s actions take place on the endpoint device itself, which BlackBerry said means it is “able to respond faster than other traditional solutions, and is the only solution available that offers protection within minutes of a compromise.”

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All four products in the BlackBerry Cyber Suite can be used together with any unified endpoint management platform, or without one. 

“With the global shift to a remote workforce, the diverse nature of users with multiple devices, and the increasing risk of mobile attacks, it’s ever more critical for organizations to have full visibility into all endpoint activity across the infrastructure,” said executive vice president of BlackBerry Spark, Billy Ho. 

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