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Buy on Amazon now: Cool office tech items

Business pros can get office gear in a hurry on Amazon, whether it’s an external hard drive, dongles, USB hubs, or more.

Whatever your budget, there’s a range of cool tech on Amazon designed to make your work life easier, whether that means organizing your space, providing safe data storage, adding USB hubs, or switching from a laptop screen to a curved monitor. Buy one or all of the following office tech and create a calmer environment in which you won’t have to sweat the small stuff.



The ESHLDTY T1, is a waterproof strip which launches Nov. 17 at 9 AM ET, and features nine special color effects to illuminate the night, the manufacturer said all nine outlets can be used simultaneously, including three USB outlets that support 2.4A fast charging and a Type-C port with 20W PD fast charging. Available in black and white. The MSRP is $89, with a special launch price of $59.

$59 at ESHLDTY


Attom Tech Office

Get a two-pack of these table cord organizers for desktop management. In other words, these an do wonders for well-appointed desk. There are seven openings for phone data charging cables, computer, HDMI, ethernet mouse cord. Time to declutter that work desk, either at home or in the office. 

$8 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

This handy gadget works for iOS/Android/PC and has four interfaces: Lightning port, USB, Micro USB, and Type C. If you use iOS and your company mobile uses Android, you’ll be able to charge both simultaneously.

$32 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

USB 3.0 for PC Laptop and Mac includes one year of MylioCreate and two months of Adobe Creative Cloud photography. Store and access 5TB of photos and files. It works for a lapdock or a desktop. Use a USB 3.0 to back up software.

$122 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

Ideal for those with a podcast or who use work break times to play video games. In addition to a USB mic for recording and streaming on PC and Mac, it includes condenser capsules, four pickup patterns, headphone output and volume control, mic gain control, and adjustable stand, plug and play.

$129 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

This connects an Android 9/Samsung Galaxy or Huawei Mate 10 smartphone to a monitor. The USB C hub’s HDMI ethernet adapter allows internet access, as well as streaming and downloading. Charge a laptop up to 87W, a MacBook Pro or type C devices.

$37 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

Smart charging technology identifies connected devices; the ports deliver power to match the attached device. It charges up to six devices simultaneously and has 110V to 240V input.

$17 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

Charge two wireless and one wired Apple device with up to 10W of wireless power for Apple, Google, and Samsung; it’s also compatible with Qi-enabled devices. It charges through lightweight cases up to 3mm thick.

$64 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

Need a high-performance monitor at work? If so, consider the 34-in., 21:9 wide, LG WQHD IPS curved IPS display monitor with USB Type-C connectivity. It supports sRGB 99% color gamut and also has HDR10 compatibility. It’s HDR 10 compatible, with a height and tilt adjustable stand, and on-screen control. It’ll be like manning your own command station.

$595 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

Sometimes, it’s the little things that have a big impact. This magnetic USB-C adapter, 20Pins connector (which provides over-current protection and no short circuit), features 10Gbp/s data transfer and 4K@60 Hz video output. The 20 pins are gold-plated for corrosion protection, increased conductivity, and durability. 

The shell was designed to blend with the Apple aesthetic. An LED indicator indicates charging status.

$24 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

Are the crumbs from your breakfast and snack in danger of getting into your keyboard? Why not try this mini vacuum?

$15 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

Clean desk, clear mind. This under desk mounted three-USB charging station also has a headphone holder and a smartwatch hook. 

$23 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

With so many devices, it’s easy to get your wires crossed. These adhesive cable clip organizers come in a variety of colors, so you’ll always know which cable coordinates with which device. 

$5 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

This adjustable aluminum phone stand with an anti-slip base will keep your phone at the right eye level and look quite cool, too. 

$9 at Amazon


Image: Amazon

This handy portable charger with built-in cables has a convenient foldable wall plug, which doubles as a wall charger adapter. It works with Apple (Lightning) and Samsung devices (USB Type C). 

$99 at Amazon