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Data analysts: Learn how to use Python, R, deep learning, more in these online courses

With this eight-course training bundle, you’ll also get hands-in instructions on AI, Google Data Studio, PyTorch, and artificial neural networks.


Image: gorodenkoff, Getty Images/iStockphoto

You don’t need to work in the marketing department of Facebook or Google to understand the importance of large-scale data analytics when it comes to driving the modern economy. As the primary force behind everything from targeted advertising campaigns to self-driving cars, data analysis stands at the heart of today’s most important and exciting technologies and innovations.

The Deep Learning & Data Analysis Certification Bundle will help you take your analytical skills to the next level so you can land the best and most lucrative positions in your field, and it’s available today for over 95% off at just $39.99.

With eight courses and 30 hours of instruction led by the renowned data scientist Minerva Singh, this bundle will get you up to speed with the latest platforms and methodologies in the interconnected worlds of data analysis, visualization, statistics, deep learning, and more.

Through easy-to-follow lessons that utilize real-world examples, the training courses will walk you through the fundamentals and more advanced elements of YouTube analytics and Google Ads, R programming in the context of machine learning, algorithms that can help you break down data frameworks, statistical models that will allow you to predict future trends, and more.

This training bundle also takes a deep dive into the emerging worlds of artificial neural networks and deep learning platforms, which are being used by major tech companies in order to develop some of the world’s most powerful computing frameworks and technologies.

Land your ideal job in an increasingly data-driven world with help from the Deep Learning & Data Analysis Certification Bundle while it’s on sale for just $39.99—over 95% off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.