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Dice launches attention-grabbing, tech-focused career marketplace

Dice’s newly enhanced Candidate Profile highlights tech-pros’ skills and career accomplishments for maximum visibility to top recruiters and employers.

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Dice continues to establish its deep-tech specialization with two new follow-ups to the previously announced Recruiter Profiles and Instant Messaging: the tech-focused Career Marketplace and an enhanced Candidate Profile. The announcement for the redesigned tool stressed the focus on creating a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship between technologists who post their profiles and the recruiters and hiring organizations that use Dice to find new talent.

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“With the release of Candidate Profile, Dice’s one-of-a-kind platform now offers a differentiated approach to cataloging technology skills, provides a skills-based approach for recruiters to find candidates who fit their needs and allows for instant messaging to efficiently engage with those ideal candidates,” said Dice CEO Art Zeile in the announcement. “We are 100% tech-focused and have created a platform that allows for end-to-end engagement between recruiters and technologists, ultimately speeding up the vetting process, reducing time-to-hire and establishing trust while building a talent pipeline for current and future roles.”

“Where tech connects” is the catchphrase Dice attaches to its marketplace, in which it hopes to offer solutions to the common concerns that exist in the traditional hiring process. Too often, those hiring are inundated with too many resumes, many of which are unsuitable. Dice noted that it will continuously  push for a quality over quantity, introducing appropriate candidates to companies that are looking for their skill sets. 

Dice’s Career Marketplace has three key features: Candidate Profile, Recruiter Profile and Instant Messaging.

The Candidate Profile provides detailed overviews with “the most comprehensive technologist insights,” Dice’s press release said. It encourages candidates to update profiles with new marketable, highly in-demand skills and experiences, as well as information on their preferred jobs. The tech profiles are pushed toward recruiters, making them more visible, “providing an even deeper and more transparent talent pool.”

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The Recruiter Profile affords recruiters the chance to build trust and credibility with top talent by allowing the organizations to present what sets their companies apart from the other recruiters vying for the technologists’ attention. It will help hiring businesses show the company brand and values, future virtual events and “relevant insights.” The goal is for organizations to effectively represent themselves in conjunction with the posted available jobs as they compete for the attention of the most in-demand talent. Dice said the technologists seeking employment on the site want to know as much as they can about the companies for which they will be applying.

The Instant Messaging feature enables real-time transparent conversations between employers and technologists within the Dice platform, with the goal of building credibility and trust for both parties. 

In Q1, Dice said it “saw significant growth in adoption, with 72% more conversations than in Q4. In total, the first quarter saw 37,000 total messages spanning 18,000 unique conversations with 10,000 unique candidates,” it announced in the release. Dice’s IM reveals when either the recruiters or job seekers are online and ready to connect.

“In today’s ultra-integrated world, making instant connections is often the easy part,” said Christian Dwyer, chief product officer of Dice’s parent company DHI Group. “Dice’s career marketplace is designed to help employers and recruiters build credibility and trust with top tech talent in order to make their next great hire. Our latest advancements also aid technologists in cutting through the clutter to land their dream job with an organization that fits with their values.”

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