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Home office design: This productive remote workstation is available for under $2,000

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are working remotely. To assist, we’ve curated a roundup of all the equipment and accessories to enable a productive virtual workday.

In recent months, many organizations around the globe have enabled employees to work remotely due to COVID-19. Collaboration at a distance demands a suite of equipment and accessories including a versatile work desk, webcams for virtual meetings, ergonomic accouterments, and more. Initially, some have cobbled together an initial home office with existing furniture, however, as many employees continue to operate remotely into the fall, long-term solutions may be more conducive to comfort and productivity. In this post, we detail all of the accessories one needs for a productive remote office for less than $2,000.


Image: Uplift

This UPLIFT workstation is a solid pick for those who prefer to use a standing desk throughout the day. Motors positioned in the legs raise and lower with the press of a button, and the advanced keypad includes a function to remind telecommuters when they’ve been seated for an extended period of time. A crossbar situated between the legs adds stability to the versatile model. As an added benefit, each V2 also comes with a hammock designed to attach to the desk’s frame allowing those so inclined to unwind between virtual meetings.

$679 at UPLIFT

office chair

Image: Amazon

A proper home workstation will also require an office chair, and this model offers versatility and comfort. The height and tilt are adjustable, and the armrests can be repositioned depending on one’s preference. The padded headrest and plush leather build set this model apart from the standard plastic-and-mesh office chair design.

$170 at Amazon


Image: Microsoft

The highly functional 2-in-1 laptop design is a multifunctional addition to the remote office. These models operate as traditional laptops and pull double-duty as a tablet when appropriate. This allows telecommuters to easily transition from email to a virtual whiteboard collaboration in an all-in-one build. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 includes 8GB of memory, an Intel Core i5 processor, and a 12.3-inch touchscreen for less than $900.

$899 at Best Buy


Image: Amazon

A basic laptop is often adequate for many telecommuters, however, those who frequently manage an expanse of open tabs or run multiple applications concurrently may prefer some extra virtual workspace. A secondary display is a great option to increase screen size allowing users to keep information available in the periphery without the need to perpetually sift through open windows throughout the day.

$140 at Amazon


Image: Razer

In the era of back-to-back Zoom meetings, a high-quality webcam is a necessary part of the virtual office. External webcams offer convenient repositioning during remote presentations and more. The Razer Kiyo touts full HD 1080p capabilities and a light ring surrounding the camera for crisper video in less-than-optimal conditions. It’s possible to adjust the lighting by twisting the small bezel surrounding the light fixture.

$87 at Walmart