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How to repair your iPhone amid the coronavirus lockdown

With many Apple stores still closed around the world, what are your options for fixing a broken iPhone?

Beyond selling products, Apple’s retail stores are go-to places for getting your iPhone repaired. The Apple stores are convenient, as staffers can diagnose the symptoms of a non-working phone, replace cracked screens, and even swap out a defective unit.

But with the spread of the coronavirus, Apple made the decision in March to close all its retail stores outside of Greater China. As the number of COVID-19 cases has declined in key regions, the company has since reopened many stores in certain countries. However, the unpredictability of the virus, especially in the United States, has prompted Apple to reclose several US stores that had been reopened. Whether or not your local Apple Store is temporarily closed, you do have other options for fixing a defective iPhone, both through Apple and through third parties.

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More about Apple

First, if your iPhone is experiencing problems but you’re not sure it needs to be physically repaired, you should speak or chat with an Apple representative to diagnose the issue. To do this, download and install the Apple Support app on your iPhone or iPad and follow the steps in the article “How to use the Apple Support app to resolve technical problems.” Alternatively, you can use Apple’s Support website on a computer to converse with a rep.

Apple authorized service center for repair

Beyond fixing your phone in-store, Apple lets you get it repaired through authorized service centers, such as those at Best Buy and select third-party repair shops. Going through Apple or an authorized center is your best bet if your phone is still under warranty or covered through AppleCare+ protection. You can check your coverage at Apple’s website or through the Apple Support app (in the app, select your iPhone and then tap the link for Device Details).

Before you initiate a repair, you can easily see if your local Apple store is open. Go to the Apple Retail Store page. Select your country and/or state. Click the link for your local store, and the store hours will indicate its current status.

To set up a repair, sign in at the Apple Repair website. Scroll down the page and click the button to Start a repair request (Figure A).

Figure A


Select the icon for iPhone or click the link to “See your products” and sign in with your Apple account. At the next screen, select the general problem you’re having with your phone, such as Repairs & Physical Damage or Battery & Charging. Then select a more specific problem, such as Cracked screen or Liquid or water damage (Figure B).

Figure B


The next screen asks: “How would you like to get help?” Selecting the icon for “Find iPhone Repair Prices” takes you to a page that lists repair costs for various iPhone models. Go back to the previous page and select the icon for “Schedule a Repair.” Enter your phone’s serial number or other identifier.

At the next screen, make sure “current location” is selected, or just type your zip code. Select your carrier. Click Continue. The next screen shows you a list of nearby authorized repair centers. Note that in certain locations, on-site repair service may be available. Select the repair center you wish to use, or select on-site repair if that’s an option. Choose a date and time to schedule your phone for repairs (Figure C). Your reservation is then confirmed.

Figure C


Send in for repair service

If you prefer not to bring your phone to an Apple store or third-party facility for repairs, you can mail it to Apple for service. If you’re setting up a repair, you may see a “Send in for repair” option at the screen that asks how you would like to get help. If so, select it at that point. If not, you can just call Apple Support and indicate your preference for the mail-in service.

Third party repair options

Unless your device is under warranty or you have AppleCare+ protection, you don’t need to get your phone repaired through Apple. Other retail and repair shops are viable options.

One choice is Staples. Open the Staples Cell Phone Repair page in your browser to learn more about the service. If a Staples store is nearby, you can simply bring your iPhone in for repair without scheduling an appointment. But you should first call the store to confirm that it does handle phone repairs (Figure D).

Amazon typically offers in-home and in-office mobile phone repairs. But the company has temporarily suspended this service due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Figure D


Finally, local independent repair shops are always worth considering. Such shops typically charge less for mobile phone repairs than do retailers like Apple and Staples. In the past, Apple tried to steer users away from independent repair shops by voiding the warranty for such repairs. But with the Right to Repair movement gaining traction, Apple no longer tampers with your warranty and allows such shops to purchase genuine Apple products. Apple also offers an Independent Repair Provider Program for independent shops to provide out-of-warranty repair service for iPhones.

To find a reliable independent repair shop, you can search for them via Google, Yelp, and other sites or apps where you’ll find customer reviews.

Editor’s note: This article was updated to reflect that some Apple retail stores have reopened, and that Apple has closed some of its retail stores in the US again.

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Apple has reopened many of its retail stores in certain countries, though it recently reclosed several of its stores in the US.

” data-credit=”Image: ViewApart / Getty Images” rel=”noopener noreferrer nofollow”>Apple Store in Santa Monica - California - United StatesApple Store in Santa Monica - California - United States

Apple has reopened many of its retail stores in certain countries, though it recently reclosed several of its stores in the US.

Image: ViewApart / Getty Images