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Microsoft Teams will now integrate with GitHub to help you manage developer projects

Teams users can subscribe to notifications from GitHub repositories they care about and collaborate on ongoing development projects.

Microsoft Teams users can now collaborate and receive updates on GitHub projects via new integration between the two platforms, which has entered public beta.

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The update connects Microsoft’s video-conferencing and collaboration software to the popular code-hosting platform, allowing Teams users to subscribe to notifications from development repositories they care about.

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Teams users can view details on ongoing GitHub projects, discuss and collaborate on ongoing issues and pull requests, as well as close, reopen and file new issues directly from a Microsoft Teams channel.

The public beta began rolling out on Thursday, September 10.

Writing on the GitHub blog, Ashok Kirla, a program manager at Microsoft, said: “Developers use GitHub together with a number of other platforms, to communicate with each other on issues, pull requests, deployment statuses, and other updates.

“We want to integrate GitHub with other platforms to make it easier for developers and teams to collaborate around their projects from whatever context they work in.”

Notification cards offer updates on GitHub projects within a Teams channel.

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Notification cards offer updates on GitHub projects within a Teams channel.

Source: GitHub/Microsoft

GitHub already provides integration with Slack via the GitHub for Slack app, allowing users to receive link previews in Slack for public repositories, set up notifications with slash (/) commands, and keep up-to-date with project activity.

Teams integration with GitHub will work much in the same way. Once they have linked their GitHub and Teams accounts – which requires validation using an @github sign-in command – Teams users can subscribe to get notifications about any activity from an organisation or repository using the @github subscribe command, followed by the name of the organisation or repository they wish to subscribe to.

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Pull requests and issues will be delivered via the notification card in Teams, including all relevant information such as checks, descriptions, labels, assignees, and reviewers.

Any new event that happens on a pull request or issue – for example, comments, reviews and merge requests – will be added as a reply to the original card to ensure all relevant information remains in one place. Teams users can unsubscribe from notifications from a repository using the @github unsubscribe command.

The integration is available via the GitHub preview app on the Microsoft Teams app store. More information can be found at and GitHub’s product documentation page.

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