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MojoDesk looks to transform the new office with MojoDome personal office pods

As companies bring workers on-site amid a modern plague, many are reimagining the traditional office layout to enhance employee safety and reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Image: MojoDesk

Many organizations have adopted remote work policies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in-house. While some companies have made long-term commitments to remote work, others have started to bring employees back to the traditional office. Needless to say, designing a safe in-person workspace during a pandemic comes with no shortage of challenges. A recently launched convertible personal office pod could help enhance employee safety and ergonomics in the new-look workspace.

“With 30 years of experience helping 24/7 organizations like NASA and 911 call centers create a healthier environment for their workers, we knew COVID would present unique challenges in bringing employees back to the popular open office setting in a safe way,” said Barry Carson, co-founder and president of MojoDesk and parent company Xybix.

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MojoDesk’s MojoDome office pod

On Wednesday, the ergonomic office furniture manufacturer MojoDesk launched the MojoDome, which the company describes as “an electric sit-to-stand desk bundled with an adjustable privacy dome.” The pod component consists of a series of individual panels and these can be retracted to offer a clear open view or extended to act as a personal pod. This component is situated on top of an adjustable standing desk providing various positionings depending on a person’s preference.

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The MojoDome boasts a series of LED lights and individuals can select the preferred brightness for their work station. The individual polyester fiber panels are designed to mitigate background noise, according to MojoDesk, and “eliminate” echoing during phone calls and virtual conferences.

The company also touts the benefits of using a plethora of these office pods, stating “the more MojoDomes an office has, the quieter the work environment becomes” since the individual units function as an acoustic “catcher’s mitt” of sorts.

“MojoDome was originally designed to eliminate echo and decrease background noise so employees could have professional sounding video and phone calls while also offering privacy and avoiding distractions. It now has the additional benefit of providing a physical barrier and social distancing between co-workers,” Carson said.

“Instead of employers spending an arm and a leg on office renovations, MojoDome maximizes square footage while providing peace of mind to employees re-entering the open workplace,” Carson continued.


Image: MojoDesk

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Organizations are incorporating a wide range of technologies and design elements to reimagine workspaces amid the coronavirus pandemic. This includes using plexiglass dividers and even the resurgence of the cubicle to create physical barriers between employees.

“For existing spaces, MojoDome provides significant cost savings for employers in respect to maximizing square footage in an open floor plan and the fixed construction costs that accompany meeting required social distancing regulations,” the release said.

Unit pricing starts at $3,000, but the company is offering a $500 discount and free shipping until April 30.

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