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Resources to empower organizations in the age of remote, offshore and contract work

Onboarding and supporting remote or contract positions comes with unique logistical challenges. Here’s how to prepare.

In 2020, organizations around the globe transitioned to remote work. While some companies have started to bring employees back to the traditional office, others have made long-term commitments to telecommuting moving forward. At the same time, many companies routinely use offshore and contract talent to supplement their on-site teams and enable 24/7 operations. These four TechRepublic Premium resources are designed to empower organizations with the tools, tips, and policies in the age of remote, offshore and contract work en masse.

The remote work era is an ideal environment for bringing on abroad professionals. Many companies tap offshore talent to support on-site workforces and enable round-the-clock business operations. TechRepublic Premium’s Offshore work policy is designed to help companies set guidelines for these new teams, deliver an optimal orientation experience, 

outline vetting considerations for prospective vendors and more. Aside from minimum account access, this policy also illustrates other security details such as VPN access and operational environment standardizations.

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Contractor workers are another popular supplement workforce option for companies and, similar to offshore workers, contract positions are also ripe for the WFH era. TechRepublic Premium’s Contract work policy provides performance review recommendations, account access parameters as well as information to help companies train and onboard new contractors. Additionally, the resource details considerations to bear in mind when utilizing recruiting agencies to identify and hire contractor workers.

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Onboarding remote employees comes with its own set of challenges compared to the traditional in-person process. This TechRepublic Premium resource is specifically curated to streamline the remote onboarding process with a series of helpful and succinct tips to boot. These include creating dedicated checklists to encourage uniformity in the process and ensure steps are followed accordingly. 

Has a member of the team established the remote employee’s email account and proactively checked these credentials? That said, these steps also focus on creating account access and testing equipment before start dates, assigning direct HR onboarding contacts and more.

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In recent years, organizations have warmed to remote work for myriad reasons, and the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated adoption across industries; at least in the interim. This wide-ranging resource details recent surveys illustrating employee sentiments about remote work, when the in-person office could be “obsolete,” and more.

This policy also outlines tips to help with the remote job search, boost interview performance, and empower telecommuters to “thrive” in their new remote roles. Which remote positions are paying telecommuters a premium salary? This resource includes answers that may surprise you and much more.

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