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These new e-bikes are built for business pros on the go

On Tuesday, manufacturer Gocycle announced a series of lightweight, foldable electric bikes with ample range, a built-in USB port for device refreshes and a paired app to boot.


Image: Gocycle

Amid COVID-19-related restrictions, people set their sights on the open road and bike sales boomed leading to stateside shortages. From 2019 through 2020, bike sales jumped 65% and the burgeoning electric bike market also kicked into high gear with sales surging 145%, according to a New York Times report. On Tuesday, e-bike manufacturer Gocycle released its Generation Four (G4) electric cycle lineup including three models packed with ample range and design features for the smart device era and business professionals on the go.

“G4 has been in development for many years and represents the most significant product update for Gocycle since our G1 to G2 engineering programme. Our generation four models have been developed through a combination of listening to our customers and our continued mission to develop the best urban electric bikes on the planet,” said Richard Thorpe, Gocycle designer and founder.

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Lightweight and foldable

Transporting a bike to and from the office or routinely towing a unit down narrow hallways can be challenging; especially for urban commuters and people renting smaller apartments. For this reasoning, product weight and general transportability are key considerations. Gocycle’s latest lineup includes three models with carbon fiber components to minimize the overall weight. The G4i weighs 36 pounds making it “one of the lightest premium folding electric bikes on the market,” according to Gocycle.

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Gocycle’s fourth-generation e-bikes are also foldable and the company estimates people can “fold and stow the G4 into a compact package in just 10 seconds” and those inclined can then roll the unit on the wheels in this folded positioning.


Image: Gocycle

Cycling app and USB port

In the smart device era, business professionals routinely tow a wide range of connected devices ranging from smartphones to tablets. A built-in USB port positioned along the handlebars allows commuters to charge compatible devices using the cycle’s onboard battery “when not in use,” according to the manufacturer. The new G4 series also pairs with the GocycleConnect App, which offers  “infinite customized driving modes” and enables riders to access and monitor activity metrics while commuting such as calories burned and pedal power (maximum and average rate). 

Range and accessories

The G4 drive electric motor and removable lithium-ion battery offer up to 40 miles of range per charge (up to 50 miles for the G4i) although the manufacturer notes that these estimates are reliant on pedal input. Gocycle also said a lineup of G4 accessories would be available “shortly after launch” and this includes a rear pannier rack, lights and mudguards.

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“G4 will not only set a new standard for Gocycle, but a new standard for performance for all of our competitors in the portable electric bike segment,” Thorpe said.

Gocycle G4 series pricing (MSRP)

Gocycle G4: $3,999

Gocycle G4i: $4,999

Gocycle G4i+: $5,999

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