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Top gifts for runners including headphones, hand warmers, wearables, and more

From basic running essentials to gifts for runners who have everything, here are 8 accessories to help fleet-of-foot athletes make the most of their next training session.

Running and marathon training is a popular hobby for many fleet-of-foot athletes. From warm-up to cool-down, there are a number of essential training accessories on the market to help runners maximize their workouts, enhance recovery, and reduce the risk of injury. In this roundup, we’ve highlighted some of the top gifts for runners including noise-canceling headphones, fitness trackers, and reflective vests designed with safety in mind. We’ve also included a few nonessential, luxury gifts for runners who have everything.


Image: Apple

The Apple Watch Series 6 is a great option for athletes; especially runners. People can select their preferred watch face to monitor their runtime, heartbeat, elevation gain, distance, and more. Individuals can also use the device to perform an ECG and measure blood-oxygen levels for added functionality.

$375 at Amazon


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Headphones are a great way for athletes to exercise to their latest mixtape or catch up on a preferred podcast. This model is IPX7 rated to withstand sweat during workouts and noise-canceling capabilities reduce background noise for crisper audio. Buttons along the unit allow runners to easily change tracks, adjust volume, and answer calls. Rounded hooks hold the individual headphones in place, and the product comes with varying sized ear tips to ensure an optimal fit.

$20 at Amazon


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In the wearable era, fitness metrics enable athletes to more aptly monitor and assess their workouts over time. At just 2.08 ounces and without exposed seams, this model has been designed to accommodate comfort during extended use. Once paired with a smartphone, the heart rate monitor provides information to assist with fine-tuning running form and more.

$84 at Amazon


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The colder season brings its own set of challenges for outdoor exercise enthusiasts. Hand warmers are a popular exercise accessory to increase warmth in the winter months. This particular model provides heat on both sides of the device and features three warmth settings. These rechargeable hand warmers are thoughtful gifts for runners who have everything else.

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Running pouches are popular accessories for athletes on the move. These items allow people to conveniently carry their essential items in a small compartment around their waists. This particular model is water-resistant and touts reflective components along the build to increase safety during exercise.

$14 at Amazon


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While a storage pouch may do the trick for some athletes, others may prefer to keep their phone screen accessible during workouts. With a phone armband, runners are able to position their smartphone along the upper arm and easily switch tracks, accept or decline calls, and more. This Newppon includes a swivel mount along the back for greater versatility during exercise.

$15 at Amazon


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Running along roadways can be dangerous; especially in the early morning, evenings, or during high traffic times. Reflective vests designed to increase visibility are a popular accessory for runners. The Tracer360 includes reflective and fluorescent components to boost runner safety during workouts.

$60 at Amazon


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The Vive Foot Rocker allows runners to stretch the muscles and tendons of the calf, ankle, and foot before and after an extensive workout. Runners can also use the Vive Fit app to watch tutorial videos demonstrating recovery exercises and more.

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