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When will Xbox Series X restock? Try these Xbox Series X stock trackers

Rather than perpetually refreshing your browser to check availability, a number of Xbox Series X stock trackers could help automate the process amid high demand.


Image: Microsoft

Microsoft released its latest Xbox Series X and Series S on Nov. 10 and the market quickly responded. In recent weeks it’s been nearly impossible for in-person and online shoppers to nab a $500 Series X or the $300 Series S. Instead of perpetually refreshing mainstay retail websites to check product availability, there are a number of Xbox Series X stock trackers individuals can deploy to automate the process. We’ve detailed a few Xbox Series X stock trackers below.

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Xbox Series X stock trackers

The no-frills website uses a spreadsheet format to list a wide range of Xbox retailers. The spreadsheet also includes information about a console or bundle’s current availability and when the items were last in stock on a particular retailer’s website.

Above the spreadsheet, individuals can activate an alarm to sound when a console or bundle becomes available. The website notes that the tracker will automatically update each minute and people can test the alarm to ensure they will hear the alarm clock sound effect if and when a console or bundle becomes available.

People can also choose to enable browser alerts and set custom browser alerts. However, after clicking the envelope and cellular phone icons we were informed that the “tracker has reached critical mass with regards to our own NowInStock Alerts. As a result, subscribing to our alerts below may result in alerts being delayed or not even delivered.”

SEE: Arcade throwbacks: Top free retro game apps from Pong to Tetris (TechRepublic) has a similar spreadsheet rundown of Xboxes, accessories, availability status, and more. The page automatically refreshes every minute and the site also features an inventory alarm. The curious domain name is seemingly a nod to the various alarm sound effects people can choose from including a bird, lion, and rooster. Individuals can also register for an account to sign up for email or text alerts.

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The website offers a concise rundown of Xbox Series X, Series S, and bundle availability for a number of retailers including Walmart, Amazon, Newegg, GameStop, and more. The site automatically refreshes and includes and alarms individuals can enable if a product becomes available.

To assist with the search, we’ve also created a number of guides to assist shoppers in their elusive hunt for an Xbox Series X, Series S, accessories, and bundles.

Editor’s note: While we were on these Xbox Series X stock trackers, no products become available and we cannot ensure that the alarms or the trackers themselves perform as described on these websites.

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