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Workday releases easily accessible deployment solutions for large enterprises

Workday Launch opens to qualified US large enterprises with a deployment solution to help organizations go live quickly on Workday.


Image: Workday

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The more you know: It’s not only a network slogan, but represents how a deployment-solution company like Workday initially assesses a business’ needs. Workday Launch is now available to qualified US large enterprises (with plans to expand into other markets). When the service launched in 2017, it was designed for smaller customers.

Workday Launch is a preconfigured approach to deployment of the Workday software. According to the Workday website, it customizes a plan to a company’s approach, keeps it consistent, as well as ensures the deployment goes live on time. It also facilitates communication within the system.

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The decision to make the product available to large enterprises was born from the pandemic. 

“When COVID-19 became more widespread, we didn’t know what to expect from life in quarantine but more than three months later, we’ve started to adapt,” said Emily McEvilly, chief customer officer at Workday. McEvilly oversees the company’s customer experience organization, which includes professional services, education services, customer success, and Workday support; she’s responsible for deployment success and customer satisfaction. 

McEvilly pointed out that even though some things “haven’t changed at all, like laundry, paying bills, and cleaning house,” people still had to adapt to the new world of homeschooling and Zoom happy hours. And businesses, she said, have needs “that dramatically changed.” Welcome to the new normal, developed due to the coronavirus. 

Businesses, she said, had to learn to quickly to manage “everything remotely, while others have stayed consistent, like the demand for reliable finance and HR systems. However, the need for those systems to be flexible, cloud-based, and rock solid, has gone from important to critical.” 

Critically, she added, ‘Today, many companies are looking for new finance and HCM solutions and don’t have the luxury of time for a lengthy deployment. They need functionality they can use fast.”

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Because of the preconfigured head-start, risk is limited, McEvilly said. Clients are given “a predictable timeframe.” Once Workday Launch prepares a prototype, the enterprise can expand and refine the preconfigured prototype to ensure the most appropriate match.

Highlights of Workday Launch

Each prepared package comes with features proven popular in previous deployments. A preconfigured tenant makes the launch happen faster. Since clients can see that quickly produced data “in action,” any decisions can be carefully calculated, which limits risks and cuts the margin for error. 

The process: an interested large enterprise chooses a package, add-ons, and integration requirements. Once a package is “up and running,” the business is provided with resources to accommodate changes within a company, including growth. 

“As the world continues to change around us, it’s important to remember that some things don’t change,” McEvilly said. Workday’s customers “influence every investment and decision we make. Expanding this program allows more customers to do the same.”

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