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WWDC 2020: Top new iOS14 features designed with business professionals in mind

Apple revealed a slew of new updates at its annual WWDC kickoff event. From widgets to new translation features, there is plenty to enjoy.


IMAGE: Apple

This morning, Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Historically, the company has used the event to announce a wide variety of new products, updates, and features and today was no different. There was much speculation regarding anticipated features and releases and now we can separate fact from fiction. Apple announced sweeping upgrades to iOS14. From customizable widgets and translation apps to new features designed with organization in mind, there were numerous announcements to assist business professionals in their day-to-day. Below, we’ve curated a quick recap of the top iOS14 updates with business professionals in mind.

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Organize the home screen and widgets

Many of us regularly utilize a vast spectrum of applications over the course of the day. It’s often difficult to organize and quickly remember the placement of apps outside of the main home screen, setting the stage for inefficient searching and sliding through screens. Apple announced new components to help amplify organization. An auto organize feature will boil users apps into a concise and easily navigable one-page view. The search field will help users sift through alphabetically organized apps arranged clearly from A to Z. A used-frequently feature will compartmentalize apps used more often than others and a recently added component will allow users to access recently downloaded offerings.

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A world of widgets

Apple also announced new helpful home screen widgets with personalization in mind. These widgets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes allowing users to expand or minimize the widget interface. This empowers users to select the amount of widget information that can access at a quick glance. Not all individuals will need to leverage widget data to the same degree and this customizable option offers plenty of flexibility. These widgets can also be moved around the home screen for further customization and convenience.

New message features

Over the course of a day, the various conversations in messages can become quite disorganized. Most recent conversations, of course, are situated at the top of the list. This allows hastily read messages or older conversations to become buried in the stack of conversations. Today, Apple announced a new feature allowing users to pin preferred conversations allowing these messages to be locked into place at the top of the page. This should help users keep frequently used conversations fresh at the top and naturally let other lesser-used communications fall further down the list reducing lags and communication errors.

A new type of car key for the professionals on the move

In the era of smart accessories, our car keys were long overdue for an upgrade. To assist, Apple also unveiled a new car key feature allowing users to unlock their cars using their smartphones. Simply tap the smartphone along the standard car door handle and you’re in. Smart security features allow you to turn off access if you lose your phone to prevent unwanted access to your ride. It’s also possible to share the key with friends and loved ones. This comes with a further level of control allowing users to share full or partial access to the automobile.

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App Clips: Enhanced business potential with Apple Pay

Apple also announced App Clips, which act as smaller independent components of apps. This will in essence allow users to try out portions of an app before deciding to download the full version of an app. App Clips can be launched from the web, messages, maps, NFC cards, QR codes, and more. These are integrated with Apple Pay for streamlined purchasing. This enables businesses greater opportunity to entice users to interact with their businesses before going all-in on their particular app interface.

Taking conversations to the next level

Apple also announced a Translation app to enable business professionals to communicate with clients and partners around the globe and minimize the risk of being lost in translation or using third-part features to keep the conversation going. The feature works with a total of 11 languages. Individuals can type or text in the app to enable translations.

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